Unity, Dedication and Commitment

Thank you for that kind introduction. There is no one more surprised than I am to be standing in this spot. I’ve heard many wonderful addresses from this podium, and I’m both thrilled and humbled to be here. I’m also very humbled to be speaking on this special day for our country. Not only is it the day we at BYU set aside to honor the men and women who…

Enter to Learn: How to Organize According to God’s Laws

The entrance to our campus is signified by three inspiring mottos: “The glory of God is intelligence”; “The world is our campus”; and “Enter to learn; Go forth to serve.” In contemplating the injunction “Enter to learn; Go forth to serve,” I am intrigued by the proposition that our students should “enter to learn how to go forth to serve more effectively.” This modification makes explicit the relationship between what we learn and…