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With almost 2,500 talks available on speeches-dev.byu.edu, it can be hard to decide which ones to read or watch. That’s where the BYU Speeches monthly newsletter comes in. On the second Wednesday of every month, we share a recent devotional, a featured speech, a new video, and other inspiring content. You can also find out about upcoming devotionals through the newsletter and be the first to hear exciting news, such as the BYU Speeches translation initiative.

Whether you’re a Sunday School teacher preparing a lesson, a missionary searching for a special message to share, or someone looking for enlightenment, there is something for you in the BYU Speeches newsletter. So join our 100,000+ subscribers and let us send a little hope to your inbox today!

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Photo of Alayna Een

Alayna Een is an editor and the social media manager of BYU Speeches. She is passionate about the gospel, pumpkins, and the color orange. She also loves writing poetry, chasing sunsets, and dragging her siblings to local theatrical productions.

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